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Fall 2017

How despots use language to seduce and subdue the population

Past Due

Tales of desperation in the wealthiest nation on earth

Venezuela under siege

A photojournalist recounts his country’s descent into division and dictatorship.

The people vs. Nicolás Maduro

How chavismo brought Venezuela to ruin

Transgender Georgians are being left to die

Georgia is the world’s third-most homophobic nation. Caught between culture, religion and geopolitics, its transgender community is being left to suffer increasing levels of abuse. And for some, death.

An anarchist’s guide to national awakening

Murray Bookchin encouraged his readers to pursue a ‘radical life’ of becoming, a legacy that echoes today.

Brazil was unprepared for its neighbor’s crisis

For many Venezuelans, migration is the only way to survive. But their arrival hasn’t always been welcome.

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Fall of dictators

Our fall issue is here. We proudly dispatch this edition into a world of ever-widening gulfs. Not only the gulf between the rich and the poor, but also between our ideals and our reality, between tradition and progress, between the demands of justice and our apparent power to help.

The person on the cover is Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, a man so deluded and small that he has reduced his people to eating from the trash just to hold power. The book in his hand is a pocket constitution, a prop he wields during speeches like a toy. Its rules do not apply to him.

In one sense, this issue is about the rules: who gains from them and who loses. In a former Soviet state, the LGBT community fears for its life. In Kansas City, the poor fear for their homes. In Venezuela, a population watches its country dissolve. How can we fight back? Dr. Lewis Fried exhorts us to self-reflect in his essay at the beginning of this issue: “On what are our lives based, to what do we commit ourselves and what are we willing to chance?”

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