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Summer 2017

France and the Netherlands rejected far-right governments. But a different kind of populism—nativistic and no less bombastic—is gaining steam in Italy.
Sicily’s manic, multicultural capital is buckling under the weight of a migrant crisis. Meanwhile, a new criminal enterprise is laying roots in its ancient heart, working with Mafiosi to traffick drugs and women whose lives are being destroyed.

Tucson Samaritans leave water, food and socks in the desert for...

Tucson Samaritans hike the American Southwest with water, looking for lives to save.

Indonesian elites are using Islamists to hold onto power

How one governor's trip from the ballot box to prison exposes a growing divide in Indonesia's society.

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‘A unique and powerful vehicle’

There are moments when journalists feel so powerless. We witness so many injustices, and there’s nothing we can do. This happened to Sean Williams while reporting in Palermo, Italy, for this issue. A local fixer took him to a brothel to verify the existence of sex slavery in the city. There were the rooms. There was the madam, selling drugs and greeting johns. There, just out of sight, were the victims. And there was nothing he could do to make it stop.

But he wrote about it, and now you know about it. And if you pick up our summer issue, you’ll know about the Good Samaritans hiking the Arizona desert with bottles of water, looking for dehydrated migrants. You’ll see India’s “wastelands” that are actually quite populous. You’ll learn about Indonesia’s descent into identity politics and hear perspectives on voter abstention and the war in Yemen.

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