About Latterly

We’re all connected now. Latterly explores these connections, but not just out of intellectual curiosity. We’re learning how to be good, useful global citizens.

Latterly is a quarterly print magazine covering human rights, politics and conflict since 2014. Our correspondents have reported from on the ground in more than three dozen countries on five continents. Their work has also appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The GuardianEsquire, The Atlantic, Newsweek, NPR, VICE News and many other publications.

As of June 2018, Latterly is no longer publishing new stories regularly. All the archives will remain online in perpetuity, and copies of the print edition are held in the U.S. Library of Congress.


Founder and Editor
Ben Wolford

Stefano Garavelli

Senior Editors
Richie Koch and Justin Salhani

Senior Writers
Lewis Fried, J. Malcolm Garcia and Sean Williams

Past & Current Contributors
Matt Allison, Sophie Anmuth, Ogulcan Arslan, Andrew Barry, Martha Bayne, Stephanie Beeston, Laura Cesaretti, Ligia Fascioni, Elliott Fox, Johan Gonzalez, Adam Griffiths, Daniel A. Gross, Marc Gunther, Cameron Hood, Shilpa Jindia, Babak Kanaani, Laura Kasinof, Narendra Kaushik, Mara Klecker, Pete Kowalczyk, Shola Lawal, Edward Mack, Golden Matonga, Jim McElhatton, Jennifer Meszaros, Colin Morris, David Mountain, Ashley Okwuosa, Sergio Olmos, Ricardo Palavecino, Martine Powers, Tantowi Gilang Pratikto, Tom Price, Daniel Pye, Shafiur Rahman, Shaun Raviv, Ambika Samarthya-Howard, Adam Sege, Leila Sinclair, Deepak Singh, Sumi Somaskanda, Kit Stolz, Taylor Smith, Natalie Wolford and Erin Zaranec

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