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We’re all connected now. Latterly explores these connections, but not just out of intellectual curiosity. We’re learning how to be good, useful global citizens.

Latterly is a quarterly print magazine covering human rights, politics and conflict since 2014. Our correspondents have reported from on the ground in more than three dozen countries on five continents. Their work has also appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The GuardianEsquire, The Atlantic, Newsweek, NPR, VICE News and many other publications.


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Founder and Editor
Ben Wolford

Design and Operations
Stefano Garavelli

Senior Editor
Richie Koch

Contributing Editors
Shilpa Jindia, Justin Salhani and Natalie Wolford

Senior Writers
Lewis Fried, J. Malcolm Garcia and Sean Williams

Cover Art Director
Adam Griffiths

Past & Current Contributors
Matt Allison, Sophie Anmuth, Martha Bayne, Stephanie Beeston, Elliott Fox, Daniel A. Gross, Marc Gunther, Cameron Hood, Babak Kanaani, Laura Kasinof, Narendra Kaushik, Mara Klecker, Pete Kowalczyk, Edward Mack, Jim McElhatton, Jennifer Meszaros, Colin Morris, Ashley Okwuosa, Sergio Olmos, Ricardo Palavecino, Martine Powers, Tom Price, Daniel Pye, Shafiur Rahman, Ambika Samarthya-Howard, Adam Sege, Leila Sinclair, Deepak Singh, Sumi Somaskanda, Kit Stolz, Taylor Smith and Erin Zaranec

Pitches and submissions

Latterly welcomes pitches and submissions from writers, photographers and videographers who have taken the time to familiarize themselves with our publication and its mission. Please note, because we’re a small independent press, we are only able to pay a token compensation of $50 for contributions that appear in print. Before writing to us, please be aware of these guidelines:

  • Pitches should be no more than three or four paragraphs summarizing the thrust of your proposed story and your qualifications for telling it. We also accept submissions of completed and/or previously published work to which you still have the rights.
  • There are no length limitations or requirements.
  • Contributions may be published on our website, in our quarterly print magazine or both.
  • Unless applying to a specific job posting, we don’t accept general enquiries about writing or editing. Please write to us with a specific story pitch.
  • Because we’re such a small staff, it’s difficult to respond to every pitch, but we do read all of them. If your pitch has an urgent news peg, please mention that in the subject line.


We’re looking for volunteers willing to help out in various capacities. If you’re bored with your day job and want to be a part of a growing and important journalism project, please get in touch.


Direct pitches and inquiries to Editor Ben Wolford at ben@latterly.org.

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