Transgender Georgians are being left to die

Georgia is the world’s third-most homophobic nation. Caught between culture, religion and geopolitics, its transgender community is being left to suffer increasing levels of abuse. And for some, death.

An anarchist’s guide to national awakening

Murray Bookchin encouraged his readers to pursue a ‘radical life’ of becoming, a legacy that echoes today.

Brazil was unprepared for its neighbor’s crisis

For many Venezuelans, migration is the only way to survive. But their arrival hasn’t always been welcome.

The soil was littered with diamonds

Malvern Mudiwa is a business owner in eastern Zimbabwe. Nothing spectacular. But in a country where unemployment is said to be 95 percent, owning...

Fanatics don’t make good presidents

The fall issue will feature a very good essay on tyranny by contributor Deborah Johnstone. In it, she cites a book by Eric Hoffer, The...

‘Now that we’re on the ground eating shit, they want a...

It’s election day in Venezuela, and, in effect, one man is on the ballot.
Palace of Nations

Gawker, but for international affairs

A blueprint for the ideal publication

Tucson Samaritans leave water, food and socks in the desert for...

Tucson Samaritans hike the American Southwest with water, looking for lives to save.

Indonesian elites are using Islamists to hold onto power

How one governor's trip from the ballot box to prison exposes a growing divide in Indonesia's society.

Le Pen and Wilders lost. Grillo is just getting started.

France and the Netherlands rejected far-right governments. But a different kind of populism—nativistic and no less bombastic—is gaining steam in Italy.