Indonesian elites are using Islamists to hold onto power

How one governor's trip from the ballot box to prison exposes a growing divide in Indonesia's society.

Le Pen and Wilders lost. Grillo is just getting started.

France and the Netherlands rejected far-right governments. But a different kind of populism—nativistic and no less bombastic—is gaining steam in Italy.

In Palermo, women are slaves to a dark underworld

Sicily’s manic, multicultural capital is buckling under the weight of a migrant crisis. Meanwhile, a new criminal enterprise is laying roots in its ancient heart, working with Mafiosi to traffick drugs and women whose lives are being destroyed.

Somehow these magazines keep happening

I want to talk about Latterly the business and some recent thoughts I’ve had about it. But first, look at this beautiful thing! It’s...

Australia pays ‘hush money‘ to refugees

Among the least humane responses to the refugee crisis has been Australia's. In 2001, the government was so desperate to prevent migrants and refugees from...

Iran’s election leaves a paper trail

TEHRAN, Iran As Iranian elections began last month, the city were plastered with campaign notices. Flyers littered the sidewalks, and posters covered the walls. It...
paris agreement

This is a direct attack on the world’s poor

Even ExxonMobil wants Donald Trump to keep America's climate change commitments. Others urging Trump to find his senses include: millions of coastal Americans; the entire...

Which politician will exploit Manchester first?

Almost nothing is known about the attacker yet , but conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has already called it an “appalling terrorist attack.”

We left Medium. Here’s why.

A little over a year ago, we decided to try publishing Latterly exclusively on, a popular blogging platform. At the time, Medium was...