In the shadow of Berta Cáceres

Environmental activists in Honduras know there may be a bullet for them like there was for Berta. And they keep fighting.

The sacrificial generation

Young refugees grew up in a globalized world but are being destroyed by ‘globalizing wars.’

The massacre at Tula Toli

Survivors of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar are haunted and broken by what they’ve seen.

Daw Suu has nothing to say

An ethnic cleansing is happening in Myanmar, yet Aung San Suu Kyi—and the global community—remains silent.

My name is Deema Kashak

The Syrian civil war has displaced over 11 million people. This is the story of five of them.

Venezuela under siege

A photojournalist recounts his country’s descent into division and dictatorship.

The tyranny of patriotism

How despots use language to seduce and subdue the population

The people vs. Nicolás Maduro

How chavismo brought Venezuela to ruin

Past Due

Tales of desperation in the wealthiest nation on earth

Transgender Georgians are being left to die

Georgia is the world’s third-most homophobic nation. Caught between culture, religion and geopolitics, its transgender community is being left to suffer increasing levels of abuse. And for some, death.