Washed Away

What if your whole life disappeared overnight?

The new caliphate

Last May two brothers claimed a Philippine city for ISIS. It was a horror centuries in the making: a fatal cocktail of failed politics, colonialism and global terror. Could it happen again?

The longest journey home

As many as one million migrants are being held against their will in Libya as hostages and slaves to armed gangs. Europe wants to keep it that way.

In Palermo, women are slaves to a dark underworld

Sicily’s manic, multicultural capital is buckling under the weight of a migrant crisis. Meanwhile, a new criminal enterprise is laying roots in its ancient heart, working with Mafiosi to traffick drugs and women whose lives are being destroyed.

Brazil was unprepared for its neighbor’s crisis

For many Venezuelans, migration is the only way to survive. But their arrival hasn’t always been welcome.

Dark Tourism at the DMZ

Since the 1960s, the checkpoint separating North and South Korea has been a zoo — a dangerous zoo.

Ethiopia’s ‘trashslide’ underscores social tension

The nation’s 10 percent economic growth is colliding with people who live on trash heaps.

The Fight to Rebury the Ticket Booth Remains

A young man died 1,200 years ago in what’s now Texas. Now he’s in a cardboard box in a university lab.

If you wear a beard in Beirut

There are many ways to tell the stories of Lebanon. I tell the ones I know.

Iran’s election leaves a paper trail

TEHRAN, Iran As Iranian elections began last month, the city were plastered with campaign notices. Flyers littered the sidewalks, and posters covered the walls. It...