Progress report

A quarterly humanitarian scorecard

Village of One

He survived the Srebrenica Massacre by hiding in the woods for 78 days, sometimes eating snails and grass. Now, 20 years later, Elvir Hafizovic works in the Srebrenica post office.

Ronaldo and the golden ticket

Even though he was born in a Haitian slum, he always thought his luck might change.

Progress Report for June 23, 2016

A coffee-break update for humanitarians, journalists and others striving for a perfect world

He’s done virtually nothing, and he’s already campaigning for 2020

This “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey” from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee is floating around the web tonight. Please feel free to take...

The Dancing Dead

“When I talk to somebody dead downstairs, I tell him, ‘I’m alone. I’m alone.’ So they can join me.”

We find each other

The following collection portrays moments of everyday life in Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz and BandarAbbas in 2016. I was looking for images of loneliness, free...

A Different Kind of Jail

CAPE TOWN, South Africa   The Ottery Youth and Education Centre sits a short drive outside of Cape Town, away from the crowded city streets and...

Detroit, 1972

NOWATA, Oklahoma & WASHINGTON, D.C.   Bob Ming was an aging, black civil rights lawyer, and Ken Zacher was a young, white high school basketball coach....