In the shadow of Berta Cáceres

Environmental activists in Honduras know there may be a bullet for them like there was for Berta. And they keep fighting.

An anarchist’s guide to national awakening

Murray Bookchin encouraged his readers to pursue a ‘radical life’ of becoming, a legacy that echoes today.

Capturing Myanmar

It was the perfect narrative: an oppressive regime, a liberation icon in jail, a popular struggle for freedom. How much of it was true?

The men who conquered the Mekong

When a commercial plane crashed into a murky river, killing 49 people, Southeast Asia’s poorest nation had no salvage divers to recover their bodies and the black box. So they called in the next best thing: 11 mechanics, welders and electricians.

Trump’s first month

I’m giving the floor this newsletter to Justin Salhani. He’s a world reporter covering human rights for ThinkProgress and a contributing editor of Latterly....


This is the beginning of this magazine’s second year, and this issue is the first of our second volume. “We’re projecting strong first-quarter growth,” said...

The evangelist

The dream of coming to the United States is a door that will not open for a large majority of migrants. Full of ambitions...

Mopti to Timbuktu

TIMBUKTU, Mali   One centimeter at a time. The boat is grounded in the middle of the Niger River. Its 50 occupants are either sleeping or watching...

We don’t need a Syria, Act 2

Letter to the Editor In response to “Will the U.S. invade Syria?” On page six of the April 22 edition of The War Cry, the Salvation Army’s...

Daw Suu has nothing to say

An ethnic cleansing is happening in Myanmar, yet Aung San Suu Kyi—and the global community—remains silent.