The tyranny of patriotism

How despots use language to seduce and subdue the population

A Trustworthy Asset

Carlos Toro says he was never much with a gun, which is why he was so frightened when his boss pulled an Uzi on...

Until the Sun Comes Up

For an overnight shift reporter in America’s murder capital, the beat is an education in violence and its aftermath, marked by powerful snapshots of grief.

Australia pays ‘hush money‘ to refugees

Among the least humane responses to the refugee crisis has been Australia's. In 2001, the government was so desperate to prevent migrants and refugees from...

The global crossroads

My good friend, a local reporter, got laid off today. It’s so hard to have a stable life/career in this line of work. But...

Fresh Paint

The Akre Syrian Refugee Camp in northern Iraq used to be a Saddam Hussein prison and intelligence center. And for a long time, it...


Earlier this week, a train crashed in Philadelphia. One of the 238 passengers was a violinist in the Washington National Opera. After evacuating the...

Echoes of the Past

Danes in the 1940s saved thousands of their Jewish neighbors from the gas chamber. One of those survivors sees a different Denmark today.

How to prevent the fifth jihadist wave

We’ve reached another crossroads in the war against extremism. Will we meet violence with violence, or with ‘an ideological battle’?

These vigilantes wear pink

India’s Pink Gang has grown from a small group of women wielding sticks to a potent political force.