Refugee City

MERSIN, Turkey   It is the beginning of August, and the Buluklu Primary School’s yard is empty. I’m waiting here with a father, Recep Baca, and...

The Loud Silence

It is October 2014, and a blurry image of Gioula Sardeli tracks across my computer screen. Her voice arrives in chunks. She is relaying...

The ‘party buses’ are out in Belarus

In 2010, when Minsk exploded into protest, state violence soon followed. This year “Europe’s Last Dictatorship” allowed marches against a widely hated tax, but respite was only temporary.

Which politician will exploit Manchester first?

Almost nothing is known about the attacker yet , but conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has already called it an “appalling terrorist attack.”

The genocide Germany wants to forget

Israel Kaunatjike’s journey from Namibia to Germany bridged the victims and perpetrators of a forgotten crime.

A Different Kind of Jail

CAPE TOWN, South Africa   The Ottery Youth and Education Centre sits a short drive outside of Cape Town, away from the crowded city streets and...

Progress Report for July 7, 2016

A coffee-break update for humanitarians, journalists and others striving for a perfect world


If you’re wondering how we come up with our story ideas, well: We don’t. Almost always, the story comes to us from a reporter somewhere...

The Reading List for July 2015

Justin Salhani, 28, has written two stories for Latterly. His first, “Edge of Evil,” documents a dramatic hostage negotiation with an Islamic State cell in...

Past Due

Tales of desperation in the wealthiest nation on earth