Lost (and found) in the Himalayas

I was a stoned American teenager lost in a remote Nepali village. But people made sure I was OK.

Questions for ICE about the woman with brain cancer they just...

‘She was brought in a wheelchair and is not being given treatment even though her nose continues to bleed and she has told them her head is exploding.’


If you’re wondering how we come up with our story ideas, well: We don’t. Almost always, the story comes to us from a reporter somewhere...

The men who conquered the Mekong

When a commercial plane crashed into a murky river, killing 49 people, Southeast Asia’s poorest nation had no salvage divers to recover their bodies and the black box. So they called in the next best thing: 11 mechanics, welders and electricians.

JoJean, the Healer

HOMEWORTH, Ohio   We hear stories all the time about the mysterious wicked witch who lives in the rickety house on the corner. JoJean Jodlowski exemplifies...

The new caliphate

Last May two brothers claimed a Philippine city for ISIS. It was a horror centuries in the making: a fatal cocktail of failed politics, colonialism and global terror. Could it happen again?

Is it wrong to visit a ‘human zoo’?

Visiting the hill tribes of northern Thailand stirs strong emotions. Is it ethical? What if the residents’ livelihoods depend on it?

In a Forgotten Corner

RABOUNI, Western Sahara refugee camps, Algeria   There were three in the truck when it happened. Said Mohamedfathal Ali was riding shotgun with a fellow guerrilla....

Progress Report for June 29, 2016

A coffee-break update for humanitarians, journalists and others striving for a perfect world

The Last Prisoner of Ilha Grande

ILHA GRANDE, Brazil   It was 1960, and Julio de Almeida had been locked away for two years in a hellish prison called Cândido Mendes on...