Trump replaces arbitrary refugee ban with arbitrary refugee ban

The executive order President Donald Trump signed today is essentially the same, except it removes the explicit religious test and allows Iraqis to enter the United States.

Everybody loves Walter

Ormond Beach was a place to dump bodies and toxic waste. Then a homeless man moved into a shipping container, and everything changed.


This is the beginning of this magazine’s second year, and this issue is the first of our second volume. “We’re projecting strong first-quarter growth,” said...

Progress Report for July 12, 2016

A coffee-break update for humanitarians, journalists and others striving for a perfect world

Survivors: Tibet’s Oldest Political Prisoners

DHARAMSALA, India   In March 1959, Lobsang Norbu was a young resident at the great Sera monastery, on Lhasa’s outskirts, when the People’s Liberation Army attacked....

‘I Saw Things Children Shouldn’t See’

Why are some people able to become happy, well-adjusted adults even after growing up with violence or neglect? Their life stories — from 1950s Hawaii to the orphanages of Romania — could provide answers that will help more children to thrive.

Questions for ICE about the woman with brain cancer they just...

‘She was brought in a wheelchair and is not being given treatment even though her nose continues to bleed and she has told them her head is exploding.’

A lesson in tolerance on the Pamba River

The state of Kerala, India, has the highest Human Development Index, the highest literacy rate, the highest life expectancy and the lowest homicide rate in the country.

Trump’s first month

I’m giving the floor this newsletter to Justin Salhani. He’s a world reporter covering human rights for ThinkProgress and a contributing editor of Latterly....

The new caliphate

Last May two brothers claimed a Philippine city for ISIS. It was a horror centuries in the making: a fatal cocktail of failed politics, colonialism and global terror. Could it happen again?