Progress Report for June 23, 2016

A coffee-break update for humanitarians, journalists and others striving for a perfect world

The Reading List for March 2015

In “The Killers of Swaziland,” American journalist Shaun Raviv, 36, chronicles a serial killer’s rampage. The narrative draws upon a mountain of research, painstakingly...

All Along the Massacre

OUANAMINTHE, Haiti   The big blue door was wide open one Friday morning in June, and the raucous melodies of commerce rose from the people passing...


Earlier this week, a train crashed in Philadelphia. One of the 238 passengers was a violinist in the Washington National Opera. After evacuating the...

The Lost Brother

GRÍMSEY, Iceland   Chapter 1: We’re Home Shortly after 9 a.m., Bjarni Gylfason cut the throat of his first fish. His brother and identical triplet, Svafar, guided...

Reasonable doubt

The only witness has recanted. There is no physical evidence. Why is Rodney Lincoln still incarcerated for murder?

Progress report

A quarterly humanitarian scorecard

A Trustworthy Asset

Carlos Toro says he was never much with a gun, which is why he was so frightened when his boss pulled an Uzi on...

Fresh Paint

The Akre Syrian Refugee Camp in northern Iraq used to be a Saddam Hussein prison and intelligence center. And for a long time, it...

Is now the best time to kill the Election Assistance Commission?

House Republicans think so. This is the only federal agency focused on improving election logistics. Its budget is only $10 million a year. They help make sure nobody can steal an election. Why on earth would a politician try to cut this agency?