Until the Sun Comes Up

For an overnight shift reporter in America’s murder capital, the beat is an education in violence and its aftermath, marked by powerful snapshots of grief.

How Would Nietzsche Vote in the Brexit Referendum?

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche contemplated European unity back in 1886.

Iran’s election leaves a paper trail

TEHRAN, Iran As Iranian elections began last month, the city were plastered with campaign notices. Flyers littered the sidewalks, and posters covered the walls. It...

‘This whole land is ours. All of it.’

That’s Ofir Akunis, a far-right Israeli minister, insisting that 3,921 Israeli homes built illegally on private Palestinian land are actually legal. “The argument tonight...

Is it wrong to visit a ‘human zoo’?

Visiting the hill tribes of northern Thailand stirs strong emotions. Is it ethical? What if the residents’ livelihoods depend on it?

‘Now that we’re on the ground eating shit, they want a...

It’s election day in Venezuela, and, in effect, one man is on the ballot.

Think we should ‘Coexist’? Prove it.

For a long-haired hippie like myself, visiting a liberal enclave like Yellow Springs, Ohio, on a family holiday after this state and our country...

The new caliphate

Last May two brothers claimed a Philippine city for ISIS. It was a horror centuries in the making: a fatal cocktail of failed politics, colonialism and global terror. Could it happen again?

Transgender Georgians are being left to die

Georgia is the world’s third-most homophobic nation. Caught between culture, religion and geopolitics, its transgender community is being left to suffer increasing levels of abuse. And for some, death.


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