The language custodian

The Nigerian linguist Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún isn’t ready to consign Yoruba to the history books. But he’s fighting the tide.

No truth in news, and no news in truth

Inside the Kremlin’s propaganda playbook, where “nothing is true and everything is possible.” But from Moscow to Washington, there’s still a way to fight back.

Letter to My Daughter

Hi! You aren’t born yet, but I have exciting news for you: You’re a girl! I know you don’t know what that means yet, but...


I used to think I’d stop celebrating my birthday when I got older. When you reach 25 years old, American car rental companies let...

The old men of the sea

A photographic salute to the lonely Greek fishermen of the Aegean Sea. They may be the last generation of Europeans who make their living this way: one man, one wooden boat and all that water.


When I first corresponded with Sean Williams, the British author of “They Almost Killed Dmitriy Bulatov,” which appears in this issue, he was heading...

The Disappeared

In military-ruled Egypt, hundreds of young men have disappeared and turned up days or months later in prison. When Badara Sayed’s son never turned up, she refused to be silent.

Europe calls for 1 million deportations, detention of children

The E.U. Commission wants to help Italy and Greece set up camps for irregular migrants, but not “like a concentration camp,” they say.

We don’t need a Syria, Act 2

Letter to the Editor In response to “Will the U.S. invade Syria?” On page six of the April 22 edition of The War Cry, the Salvation Army’s...

Fanatics don’t make good presidents

The fall issue will feature a very good essay on tyranny by contributor Deborah Johnstone. In it, she cites a book by Eric Hoffer, The...