How to prevent the fifth jihadist wave

We’ve reached another crossroads in the war against extremism. Will we meet violence with violence, or with ‘an ideological battle’?

They Almost Killed Dmitriy Bulatov

Dmitriy Bulatov was beaten, gouged and crucified for using cars to protest against the Ukrainian government. Weeks later, he was a cabinet minister.

In Palermo, women are slaves to a dark underworld

Sicily’s manic, multicultural capital is buckling under the weight of a migrant crisis. Meanwhile, a new criminal enterprise is laying roots in its ancient heart, working with Mafiosi to traffick drugs and women whose lives are being destroyed.

Trump’s first month

I’m giving the floor this newsletter to Justin Salhani. He’s a world reporter covering human rights for ThinkProgress and a contributing editor of Latterly....

Captive in Somalia

Michael Scott Moore spent 977 days captive to Somali pirates. “I didn’t know how it would end,” he said.

We find each other

The following collection portrays moments of everyday life in Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz and BandarAbbas in 2016. I was looking for images of loneliness, free...

Which politician will exploit Manchester first?

Almost nothing is known about the attacker yet , but conservative Prime Minister Theresa May has already called it an “appalling terrorist attack.”

Stolen to China

SAPA, Vietnam   On the back wall of the classroom at Sapa O’Chau, a bootstrap operation in Sapa town, far northern Vietnam, where hill tribe children...

What border walls are really about

Among country pairs that have a wall between them, the state building the wall is on average four times as wealthy per capita as the state being walled out.

They don’t want food, they want seeds

Distrustful of institutions, Haitians say they only need the raw resources to help themselves.