We hear stories all the time about the mysterious wicked witch who lives in the rickety house on the corner. JoJean Jodlowski exemplifies the modern “witch,” though she is not wicked and her house isn’t rickety.

In rural Northeast Ohio lives an exuberant, 57-year-old woman who is considered a healer, an artist, a spiritualist and, to some, crazy.

Jodlowski does not belong to any belief system, religion or dogma. She doesn’t consider herself to be a witch, either, but she believes the term connotates a wise woman, which she may certainly be. Jodlowski has traveled throughout the United States developing her healing abilities, studying with a Puerto Rican healer named Reinaldo and with the spiritual organization The Emissaries of Divine Light.

Since a car crash in 2007, Jodlowski has collected disability, but she remains active as a healer and a caregiver to her elderly mother. She believes in the importance of seeing doctors, too, but to Jodlowski, energy healing is the future of medicine.

I spent time with Jodlowski and took photographs that show her in various moments of her life: as an outcast, a healer, a caregiver and a person.