Istanbul, 2011


After Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union, there is no indication that a so-called Brexit will happen soon. It maybe never will. Reuters

The Prime Minister, be it David Cameron (who has resigned but could remain in office until October) or his successor (almost certainly pro-Brexit former London mayor Boris Johnson) can simply decide to ignore the result. Vox
>>You know, the ‘terrorist’ countries
Donald Trump continued to walk back his proposed ban on Muslims entering America while on a golf course in Scotland this weekend, clarifying that he’s no longer calling for a blanket interdiction on the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world but only those coming from “terrorist” countries. Newsweek

Human rights

>>Palestinian? Then you’re a suspect.
Thanks to a recent legislation, passed by the Israeli government in February, the ‘stop-and-frisk law’ allows Israeli soldiers to body search any passer-by “regardless of behavior, in a location that is thought to be a target for hostile destructive actions.” Al Jazeera
>>Dictatorship, except in name
Turkish police detained 19 people and fired tear gas in central Istanbul on Sunday to disperse dozens of activists attempting to gather to mark the annual Gay Pride week after authorities banned their march. Reuters

>>How it’s supposed to go
A colorful party of love and acceptance took over Manhattan on Sunday as thousands of people flooded New York City’s streets to celebrate Pride. BuzzFeed

>>‘Ask for forgiveness’ from gays
Pope Francis said on Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from gay people for the way they had treated them. The Guardian


>>CIA weapons killed Americans
Weapons shipped into Jordan by the Central Intelligence Agency and Saudi Arabia intended for Syrian rebels have been systematically stolen by Jordanian intelligence operatives and sold to arms merchants on the black market, according to American and Jordanian officials. The New York Times

>>ISIS loses Fallujah
Iraqi forces have liberated the city of Fallujah from Islamic State fighters, following a month-long military offensive to seize control, according to a senior Iraqi official. Voice of America

>>Another hotel raid
Gunmen stormed a hotel in Somalia’s seaside capital Saturday, taking guests hostage and “shooting at everyone they could see,” before security forces pursued the grenade-throwing assailants to the top floor and ended the hours-long assault, police and witnesses said. At least 14 people were killed. Associated Press


>>U.K. can now back out of Paris Agreement
As an E.U. member state, the U.K. negotiated on key issues such as greenhouse gas emissions limits as part of the bloc, and was expected to take on its own tally of emissions reductions based on an E.U.-wide “burden-sharing” agreement, yet to be worked out. But while the U.K. is also individually party to the agreement, as a sovereign nation, neither the government nor the E.U. has yet ratified the accord in law. The Guardian

>>Eight gallons a mile
So far this year, nearly 75 percent of the people who have traded in a hybrid or electric car to a dealer have replaced it with an all-gas car, an 18 percent jump from 2015, according to, a car shopping and research site. The New York Times

Editors’ picks

>>Rare good news on the Mediterranean
Italian officials say at least 7,000 migrants have been rescued from small boats in the Mediterranean Sea in just two days. Voice of America

>>Things you can’t say in China
To the list of things that should not be uttered in modern China, add these: Padded bras cause cancer. The earth is on the brink of falling into a period of darkness for six days. Robots will soon conquer entire industries and eliminate the need for human labor. The New York Times

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Ben Wolford
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